Types of Telemedicine App & Development Cost

Types of Telemedicine App

Healthcare is transforming from clinic-based care to on-demand healthcare available anytime, anywhere, and through various channels. The emergence of telemedicine apps is helping shift paradigms with actionable insights, automated processes, innovative products, and modern infrastructure, all dedicated to improving patient care.

When it comes to developing a telemedicine app to deliver virtual care services to patients, partnering with a telemedicine app development company is crucial to develop your telemedicine app.

In the coming years, the global telemedicine market is expected to reach USD 380.3 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 19.5% between 2016 and 2030. Therefore, when you know the benefits of this technology and its future increase, you must be curious about its tech advancements, features, types, and many other benefits.

There are costs associated with a telemedicine startup, or you are planning to have a healthcare app that can eliminate your mundane hospital expenditures, whether you are thinking about a telemedicine startup. This article provides detailed information on the cost and types of telemedicine applications.

Types of Telemedicine Apps

Remote monitoring, store-and-forward medicine, and real-time interactive medicine are three types of telemedicine. Using these categories properly can offer tangible benefits to patients and healthcare providers, and they each play an important role in holistic healthcare.

Real-time Interactive Medicine

A patient requiring immediate medical attention may receive spontaneous advice from interactive services. For this purpose, several different mediums are available, including phone conversations, online calls, and home visits.


The store-and-forward method of telemedicine is also known as asynchronous telemedicine. It consists of sharing patient medical information with a radiologist, physician, or another specialist who might be in a different location, including imaging studies, lab reports, videos, and other records.

In essence, it’s like sending an email, but it’s done through a platform with advanced security features to ensure patient privacy.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Healthcare professionals can remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs and activities with remote patient monitoring, commonly called telemonitoring.

Patients with high-risk conditions, such as those who have just been released from a hospital or suffer from chronic diseases like heart disease, are frequently administered through telemedicine.

What is the cost of developing a Telemedicine App?

Well, that depends on a lot of factors. It is important to remember that many things can affect the development of a telemedicine application, including the features available, the timeline for the timeline, the platform targeted, the development team’s technical expertise, the API integration, and so on, all of which play an essential role in its development.

To calculate the cost of developing a telemedicine app, one must consider the app’s complexity.

Setting up telemedicine applications is a big undertaking, and it largely depends on how many features you would like to include and what potential users would expect the app to have.

For a straightforward estimation, you can expect a telemedicine app to be developed anywhere between $4,000 and $50,000+. For different types of applications, the price varies from average to higher or lower depending on the application.

Several factors affect the cost of developing a telemedicine application.

It is vital to recognize that to understand the cost of a telemedicine app accurately, you need to comprehend all factors that will influence the price. An app’s price can be affected by several factors, from a feature list that includes many categories to the location and hourly rate of development. A clear understanding of the factors from a logistical standpoint can be of significant value to making good financial decisions and reducing risks simultaneously.

List of features

It is essential to consider the number of features that an e-health app supports when determining the overall cost of the app. Depending on the feature list and the admin panel you need, you might get a telemedicine app that costs you around $40,000 to $55,000. To increase the overall gross price of telemedicine apps, the number of functions and features included in the app can be increased. In other words, the more features the app possesses, the more the cost of developing and maintaining the app will be.

UI/UX Design

A good UI/UX design provides users with the necessary engagement and, at the same time, maintains user retention.

Multi-factor testing creates an aesthetically pleasing user interface that reflects the brand’s essence. A seamless interface and a pleasing app design can increase the cost of telemedicine software.


Wireframe charges can surprise you when developing a custom telemedicine application. A wireframe is a map illustrating the entire process of designing and developing a telemedicine application.

To ensure seamless development, the wireframe usually undergoes multiple testing norms to meet your highest expectations. Depending on how many testing cycles they undergo, Wireframes for apps can cost anywhere from $100 to $4,000.

App Platform

It is essential to take into account the underlying platform of the app to determine how much the final price of the telemedicine platform will be. Since Android has a large user base compared to iOS, it is more expensive to develop an Android app, considering its widespread usage. It is advisable to start with development for one single platform to keep the budget in the best shape possible. While developing your app, you can switch to a cross-platform app tailored to your specific requirements as it gains traction in the market.


Healthcare is an industry that has unprecedented opportunities that have opened up many doors to digital prosperity. When you partner with a proficient mobile application development company, your road will be much easier to navigate. At SynergyWorks, we have the best developers in places taking the initiative to develop highly competent telemedicine apps for your brand and helping you enhance the quality of virtual care for your patients.

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