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"The Shikha Taman Story: Coding, Commitment, Inclusivity"

SynergyWorks Solutions LLP, a dynamic software development company based in Chandigarh, had its humble beginnings rooted in a passion for coding and a dream to create something extraordinary. The company’s founder and CEO, Shikha Taman, embarked on this remarkable journey, combining her love for coding, mathematical prowess, and an unwavering dedication to building a balanced and inclusive work environment. 

After completing her education, Shikha ventured into the professional world with an internship in Bangalore, India. It was during this period that she witnessed a work environment which struck a harmonious balance between work and personal life – a pivotal experience that would later shape her own company’s ethos.
Even while pursuing her career, Shikha always harbored a thought in the back of her mind to start her own company someday. This ambition led her to move to Chandigarh, closer to her roots, even though she believed that the city had limited opportunities compared to tech hubs like Bangalore.

Shikha’s professional journey was marked by continuous growth and progression. She started as an intern, diligently worked her way up to become a software developer, then a module lead, assistant project manager, Sr. project manager and eventually a technical project manager. Her multifaceted experiences equipped her with the skills and knowledge needed to lay the foundation for her own company. As she transitioned from coding to testing, took charge of managing teams, engaged with clients, and focused on project deliveries, ‘problem solving’ remained the driving force and a passion that she held close to her heart, underscoring her remarkable journey as a CEO.

The company embodies her core beliefs in women empowerment and calculated risk-taking. Shikha’s commitment to gender diversity is evident in her hiring practices, where she actively recruited women returning to work post-pregnancy and those with resume gaps of up to 2 years. Today, the organization proudly boasts a higher percentage of women employees compared to men, setting an example for gender inclusivity in the tech industry. Under Shikha’s leadership, SynergyWorks Solutions LLP continues to thrive, combining technical excellence with a commitment to work-life balance and empowerment, shaping the future of software development and fostering a culture of diversity and innovation.

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“My Philosophy” revolves around the synergy of problem-solving and creativity.

Emphasising that the more one “troubleshoots”, the more “ideas emerge”.

Encouraging a mindset to “think out of the box” and “fostering innovation”.

Maintain “transparency throughout”, ensuring a dynamic and open approach to challenges.

“My Philosophy” revolves around the synergy of problem-solving and creativity.

Emphasising that the more one troubleshoots, the more ideas emerge.

Encouraging a mindset to think out of the box and fostering innovation.

The core principle is to maintain transparency throughout, ensuring a dynamic and open approach to challenges.