How To Develop A Pregnancy Tracker App (Guide)

How To Develop a Pregnancy Tracker App

As a mother, you feel blessed and delighted, which shows your love for your child. The nine-month journey requires a lot of physical and emotional care, and it can be challenging in today’s busy lifestyles to see someone through it all. Our lives have been changed in every aspect by the advancement of technology. Many pregnancy tracker apps can help you stay in the loop during this crucial period of your pregnancy.

In the IT industry, pregnancy trackers app is growing. From 2022 to 2030, women’s health apps will grow at a CAGR of 19.45%, bringing in $2.7 billion in revenue. It’s also sparked the need for pregnancy apps.

Many gynecologists have also shared pregnancy apps. In addition to health tips and medications, these apps provide vitamin schedules, precautions, and many more you would like to see. In addition to showing the week and days of pregnancy, these apps also reveal the estimated delivery date based on your details.

In addition to being beneficial, you can find various pregnancy tracker apps, as many companies want to target this trending app. To build such an app, some technologies are required.

A brief guide on How to Develop Pregnancy Tracker App will help you understand ways to develop and its features.

What is the demand for pregnancy tracking apps?

Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful life experiences for women who experience a gush of feelings from high heights. A woman needs to have love, care, and companionship during pregnancy. Furthermore, they want the babies to enter the world in good health when they are born. During this crucial period in a woman’s life, her loved ones and spouse are by her side, but she cannot do without the pregnancy tracker app.

Pregnancy tracker apps allow mothers to monitor impulsive overflows of many emotions and endless unanswered questions about their soon-to-be-born child. How can the baby be kept safe? What challenges will we face shortly? What steps do you take to ensure the baby’s growth? Pregnant women will be paralyzed by worry about their health and safety.

Luckily, technological advances and good pregnancy tracking apps mean that this assistant can be accessed round-the-clock during your 9-month pregnancy.

Must-have features for a pregnancy tracker app

The next step is implementing the feature once the UI/UX design is complete. Following UI/UX design, and pregnancy app should have the following features.

1. Tips for Pregnancy

Tips for Pregnancy

For Pregnancy Tracking Mobile App Development, experts must be able to provide daily advice with a daily feed throughout the pregnancy process.

2. Growth of the baby

Growth of the baby

An app for pregnancy tracking must include a daily growth tracker for the baby, especially after each trimester, to keep track of the baby’s growth.

3. A knowledge-based article

There is no end to the amount of guidance women need during pregnancy. Keeping informed and cheerful during pregnancy can be achieved through reading good articles.

4. News updates

Technology will inevitably continue to change, and even in healthcare, there will be new daily recommendations. As change is rapid, new inventions are made every day. Pregnancy tracker apps should keep moms up-to-date with the latest info.

5. Ideas for nutrition

Tips for Pregnancy

Nutritional food is essential during pregnancy for the mother and the developing baby to ensure that the baby gets enough protein, minerals, and vitamins. A pregnancy tracking app must assist a woman with her nutrition plan.

6. Advice on how to workout

Yoga and workout techniques must be built into the pregnancy tracking app that is both restorative and easy to perform, especially for pregnant women.

7. A weekly reminder

It is essential to have a weekly reminder built into a pregnancy tracker. To-do lists must be available so that users don’t miss anything important, such as skips, quick tests, and medications necessary during pregnancy.

8. Tracking of contracts

Using it, a woman can estimate when to start emotionally preparing herself for labor by estimating the phase she will enter. The labor timer feature in pregnancy tracking apps counts contractions automatically.

9. Tracker for weight

Weight gain during pregnancy is obvious, but problems arise when a woman’s weight exceeds or falls below the recommended amount. As a result, weight trackers must have options for entering medical history within pregnancy tracker apps. Whenever you feel worried about your weight, consult your gynecologist.

10. Belly photos

Baby’s moments are significant to parents. The baby can be photographed while just a fetus in the womb with pregnancy tracking apps.

Components Needed for Developing a Pregnancy Tracker App

Developers have many technologies that cater to the healthcare sector, so everything has to be organized systematically. There is no doubt that the best app for pregnancy offers you the most insightful and helpful information in an attractive package.

1. Developing a rich user experience through research

To develop a pregnancy tracking application, the first and most crucial step is to conduct market research and analyze the existing market. Certain factors play a vital role, such as customer personas and demographics, that need to be considered when developing an app.

Researchers and analysts analyze these areas to decide how to implement and approach them effectively. By collecting information like this, the team can determine what app the user wants.

2. UI design

A helpful application should include an innovative design. Generally, the right customer interacts with your idea when it is objective and accessible. A pregnancy-friendly design should enhance the user experience, such as keeping the background from being too dark for pregnant women.

As soon as the developers decide on a tone, they should opt for something warm, and later, when the platform Android and iOS are ready, the developer can also use gradient colors.

3. Observations

As well as the application’s functionality, its usability is also crucial. This is one of the most critical aspects of the development of an application. At the beginning of the app’s development process, the app’s developer team closely monitors and monitors the app’s performance throughout each development section.

The application is analyzed to find out what’s happening, what’s safe, what’s reliable, what’s performing, what’s under pressure, and how it behaves. You will find out sooner or later whether the app works for the specific users that you have targeted.

4. Upon launching the process

When your application has been launched, it is the developer’s responsibility to add some new features and updates to it, as the user will continue to demand them after using the application for a while. Thus, it is a natural tendency for an application to become maintained and structured over time; launching isn’t the end of the application’s development lifecycle.

A smooth and efficient user interface is essential for an application. Updated schedules should direct developers to new features and improvements.


So, as you journey through your nine-month journey with the pregnancy tracker app, your traveling companion will guide you at all times. A pregnancy-tracking app development will not only help you and the women around you. Still, it will also provide you with the possibility to make some money through monetization and in-app purchase methods. Therefore, you can also make money by providing the necessary assistance.

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