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Wondering how to make an uber clone app in 2022? Well, SynergyWorks Solutions is your reliable pick for uber like app development. We specialize in helping you build Uber clone app for your business. With our team of specialists, we build an app that complies with Uber’s design aesthetics and functionality.

UBER Like app development company
Wearable App Development Services
Wearable application development
Wearable application development
Wearable ios app development
Wearable application development

A company that makes Uber-like apps

Interested in building an Android or iOS uber like booking app? We’re your one-stop solution for Uber Like App Development needs. 

Being a top Uber Like App developer, we help our clients implement smart analytics-driven apps. Developing a cutting-edge Uber Clone app is what we do.

We help clients scale-up businesses and use digital outreach with our Uber Like App Development services. Our uber clone app developers help partners utilize data-driven insights to optimize performance across various segments of the ride-hailing industry.

Build a ride-hailing app that keeps the Uber app at its core. Get your taxi business off to a great start. Due to the exponential advancement of technology, we developed an app for booking taxis that can appeal to a large number of frequent travelers.

Our team offers analytics-driven solutions to help businesses unlock the full potential of their ride-hailing businesses. 

To make your customers’ riding experience hassle-free, we combine innovation and skills in our uber like booking app development services. At SynergyWorks, we prioritize the client’s needs in the best way possible. We will do our utmost to make your online Uber Clone app business successful.

Uber Like App Development Solutions

As one of the leading Uber Like App Development services providers, we elevate your business and increase revenue. Our solutions have been designed considering current market trends and our client’s business requirements, ensuring that all stakeholders are satisfied with them.

Outstation Car Rental App Development

By integrating our highly scalable outstation vehicle rental Uber Like App development services, we can enhance the business movements of our clients by making their businesses more efficient. We energies clients’ travel ventures by offering easy-to-use, great taxi booking apps.

Wearable ios app development
Wearable ios app development
Wearable ios app development
Wearable ios app development
Wearable android app development
Wearable android app development

Corporate Taxi Rental App Development

Are you interested in operating a taxi booking service for large corporations? That’s where SynergyWorks can help. Get a hassle-free corporate taxi booking app solutions from us that’s fully automated. 

On-demand Car Rentals App Development

For startups and entrepreneurs, we provide on-demand car rental uber clone app development services so they can launch their taxi apps like Uber.

Wearable android app development

Uber like Impressive Features

With advanced features, SynergyWorks offers customers a better way to interact with create better booking apps than Uber & Ola.

With SynergyWorks’ experienced Uber app clone development company India, we’ve taken care of every detail. In the estimation section of our app, users can get an estimate of the fare by entering the starting point and destination.

Providing this feature is one of our key features. There’s a rating system for users and drivers, and it’s easy to leave feedback.

With our Uber app clone development company India, admins can see user and driver locations from the dashboard. Using Google maps, drivers & riders can monitor their real-time status.

Our uber clone app features an interactive admin panel that lets site owners track earnings, commissions, rides, driver details, payouts, etc.

Our taxi app is built with a chat platform, which makes it more advanced than traditional taxi apps. This platform allows customers and drivers to communicate seamlessly without leaving the application.

Our Uber clone app allows customers to select drivers based on gender preferences. By selecting female drivers, women will be safer, and sexual assault will be curbed

Our taxi booking app development service lets customers choose their preferred language. The app will automatically display in the language preferred by the user whenever it is opened, and it can also be changed at any time.

Our Uber clone app development services allow users to mark locations as favorites and save them as labels by giving them names. When they return to the map, they do not have to search for the same location on the map.

Why Choose Our Uber-Like App Development Service?


Wearable Application Development services

The development of a uber clone app is structured according to the specifications provided by the client about the project idea, the deliverables, and the final results that are desired from the project.

UI/UX Design

Wearable Application Development services

At this point in the uber like app development process, the application’s overall layout, user interface, and color schemes are planned.

MVP Development & Analysis

Wearable Application Development services

Based on the initial roadmap and design patterns, the MVP taxi app is developed and analyzed in comparison with previously defined goals & targets.

Uber App Development

Wearable Application Development services

In the final stage of app development, you will be allowed to make changes based on your feedback & suggestions that were made on your MVP app, which will help improve your overall app development.

Maintenance & Support

Wearable Application Development services

Keeping up-to-date with security patches, features, and your app’s relevance to your users is an integral part of our continuous maintenance and support services.

Advantages of Uber Like App Development

In our digital age, people are accustomed to a delivery service delivered to their doorsteps, ensuring a seamless experience. Across the globe, people are seeking high-quality services without verbal communication or with minimal verbal communication. An uber like app is one of the best ways to expand your business and brand, and you will be able to do it smartly. In addition to the many advantages that come with the development of a taxi app, there are many others as well:

GPS tracking, maps, and routes

A GPS tracking feature must perform as smoothly as possible for the app. It provides real-time location information for the driver, passenger, and admin, as well as a way for them to decide which routes are best for saving time and avoiding traffic delays.

24*7 services

Apps such as these simplify lives at a whole new level. With the help of an app, one does not have to worry about finding a cab at the oddest times or at regular times. Get started by logging into the app and entering your requirements.

Building a brand

In the digital world, using an advanced uber app can be one of the best ways to survive and succeed. Creating a brand and becoming a household name in the eyes of your audience can help you build a successful business.


Before booking a ride, we provide you with all the necessary information regarding the price, duration, etc. This will help you avoid negotiations.


Apps such as these serve primarily to connect drivers and passengers. Booking a cab and paying for it can all be done flawlessly.

What makes SynergyWorks the best choice?

Using our best-in-class uber like app developers’ expertise, Synergy Works Build Taxi Booking App like uber enhances online sales and fulfills customer expectations. 

We are committed to encouraging growing businesses and startups as a business solution provider. To maximize the efficiency of your product and develop business strategies that benefit your business, we can help you. The insight-driven solutions we provide will help you reach your desired outcome promptly.

We can unite with clients from time to time to assist them in achieving the desired results. We provide flexible solutions that maximize your returns to meet your specific needs. With our scalable solutions, we are striving to give our clients an increase in revenue. On top of that, we provide solutions that are backed by experience and expertise.

  • A team of 25+ expert developers
  • Development at a rapid pace
  • Application with no bugs
  • Multilingual applications
  • Transactions are 100% secure

Frequently Asked Questions

With SynergyWorks, you can handle your app development needs in one place to make apps that are as effective and efficient as Uber. To make an app similar to Uber, we have incorporated several factors, including GPS tracking, navigation, full source code access, website booking, dispatcher panel, etc.

Taxi apps developed by us will provide features similar to those found in Uber, but they will differ in price depending on what features you incorporate.

It’s possible to create a taxi booking application similar to Uber. You can’t go wrong with SynergyWorks. We offer a uber clone that allows you to run your app like Uber’s within a few days. It will save you time to develop an alternative to Uber cab applications without developing it from scratch.

After we develop the taxi booking app for you, we will supply you with the source code as we want to give you all the rights to the app.

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