Top 10 Popular ChatGPT Apps For Mobile Worth Trying In 2023

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The time has finally come, for the idea of a world where AI is used to get aid in everyday life tasks has become a reality. But how did it all start? Well, for most of us, it started with the launch of ChatGPT.

A conversational AI language model that is based on acquiring knowledge through deep learning algorithms and generating human-like responses to any query presented before it. As of March 2023, GPT 4.0 is available to users all around the globe revolutionizing the way we interact with AI.

What Are ChatGPT Mobile Apps?

But when did all of this lead to ChatGPT mobile apps and what are ChatGPT mobile apps in fact? Well, ChatGPT mobile apps are basically applications designed with access to ChatGPT’s language model providing specific features and services to the users. These mobile apps are now available both on Android and iOS platforms bringing some new and exciting features for all of us.

Here Are The Top 10 Popular ChatGPT Apps For Mobile Worth Trying:

1. ChatSonic

A super powerful writing and communication app powered by GPT protocols to help you increase your productivity and performance by many times. Think of ChatSonic as a personal assistant powered by strong AI models. The app is integrated with Google search protocols which allows it to enhance its information database as per the latest trends and discoveries. The ChatSonic model, as per the developers is trained on massive datasets powered by customer feedback in order to make the model accurate and replicate close to human speech.

2. Rapid ChatGPT

In many ways, Rapid ChatGPT is quite similar to that of Open AI’s ChatGPT. But the main focus behind the Rapis ChatGPT chatbot technology is to answer the user’s queries rapidly as well as generate content with utmost accuracy. Apart from this, the Rapis chatbot has no unique features that distinguish it from ChatGPT. The app however is developed to provide a seamless experience to the user without waiting for long in order to get the desired query. The AI technology utilized by the chatbot is also quite advanced and fulfills all the major requirements to be labeled as cutting-edge in its functionality.

3. Frank: AI Chat Assistant

Where most of the GPT-powered AI models are focused on providing answers to queries or generating content for the users, Frank acts as a personal assistant for the user. This AI-powered personal assistance has gained its unique spot in the emerging GPT-powered AI bots through its unique user approach. From AI-powered search to unique content-generating tools, Frank offers a complete package to anyone looking for a full-time assistant. With both NLP and ML integration, Frank has an up-to-date data set along with cookies interference to protect the data and privacy of its users.

4. Jasper Chat

Jasper is a GPT 3.5-powered AI chat and AI art generation tool. The Jasper model has been trained on billions of documents in over 29 languages making it one of the few GPT-powered models having this level of language versatility. The user can access Jasper Chat for five days completely free before switching to the boss mode which is by the way paid.

5. Roboco

Perhaps one of the most interesting modern-day GPT-powered bots. At first, Roboco may seem like any other AI-powered model. Known to provide quiet prompts to the queries, generate content for the user, etc. But the main feature of Roboco which makes it so special is its ability to learn from human interactions. The model is of self-learning type allowing itself to adapt to each human interaction. This actively enhances Roboco’s decision and prompts providing parameters. Apart from this, Roboco is also trained on large data sets making it super accurate and user-friendly.

6. ChatOn

Powered by GPT-4 models, ChatOn is a powerful AI tool if you’re looking to create a champion sales copy or a speech that can captivate Julius Caesar himself. The AI model has been trained on extensive datasets making it both user-friendly and highly intelligent in terms of interactions.

7. Aico

If you’re looking for precise and accurate answers to your queries, Aico us for you. For many users, GPT-3 was the prime AI interactive model. Aico uses the GPT-3 technology to provide accurate prompts to its users in a matter of a few seconds. Say goodbye to long delays in getting accurate and high-valued prompts from an AI model.

8. ChatArt

From text generation to real-time picture generation, ChatArt is the ultimate GPT-4 powered AI model that will take your productivity to new heights. The Ai bot already comes with pre-set examples and prompts to help you get to what you’re looking for fast.

9. Alissu

A chatbot that is powered by GPT-3 and is quite similar to what the Open AI’s ChatGPT has got to offer. The only plus point here however is that the chatbot is available on Google Play Store and has a record of generating accurate responses to queries in no time.

10. AI Chat: Writing Chatbot

Last, but not least, we have the GPT-3 powered AI Chat. As per the developers, the AI Chat is now powered by GPT-4 models and ChatGPT API, yet these upgrades are not accessible to everyone around the globe. Since its initial release, AI Chat has acquired a reputation for its super user-friendly interface.

Comparative Analysis between all the 10 ChatGPT apps

Chatbot AppLanguage ModelMultilingual SupportPersonalizationIntegrationUser InterfaceKey Features
ChatSonicGPT-3YesLimitedNoIntuitiveInteractive conversational AI, natural language understanding
Rapid ChatGPTGPT-3YesYesNoUser-friendlyFast response times, customizable virtual assistants
Frank: Ai Chat AssistantGPT-3YesYesYesConversationalMultilingual, integrated with messaging platforms
Jasper ChatGPT-3YesYesYesDynamicAI-powered virtual agent, context-aware responses
RobocoGPT-3YesLimitedYesModernContent generation, language translation
ChatOnGPT-2YesYesNoUser-friendlyVirtual chat agents, voice recognition
AicoCustom-built language modelYesYesYesInteractiveIndustry-specific chatbots, advanced AI capabilities
ChatArtGPT-3YesLimitedNoIntuitiveArt and creative-focused chatbot, inspiration and ideas
AlissuGPT-3YesYesYesDynamicMultimodal capabilities, personalized responses
AI Chat: Writing ChatbotCustom-built language modelYesYesNoConversationalWriting and content creation assistance, creativity enhancement

Final Note

ChatGPT has indeed revolutionized the way we all used to interact with AI. From powerful chatbots to fully functional personal assistants, there is a whole new world of AI-powered tools just waiting to be utilized in ways we all can’t even imagine yet.

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