Rideshare and Carpooling App Development Solutions

Our RideShare And Carpooling App Development Solutions will give you an edge over your competitors in the carpooling and ridesharing industry. Your business will stand out from the competition with a customized carpooling app development solution.

Why Rideshare and Carpooling App Development Solutions?

Among the leading on-demand ride sharing and carpooling app development companies, SynergyWorks stands out for its award-winning apps. With the latest technologies and advanced features, we offer end-to-end development services for carpooling apps using the latest technologies.

With our Rideshare App Development Company, you can customize it according to your needs exactly to meet your specific needs. This carpooling application has a custom front and back end and is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. We develop an application that is scalable, robust, reliable, and affordable.

RideShare And Carpooling App Development Solutions allows customers and drivers to share their rides on demand benefit both parties. Using this cab-sharing application, drivers can share their empty seats with other drivers.

As a Rideshare App Development Company, SynergyWorks is a leader in the industry. To meet the needs of startups and enterprises, we envision providing better mobile app solutions. As a carpooling app development company with years of experience, we can help taxi companies, startups, governments, and other entities create white-label carpool apps.

Our Rideshare & Carpooling App Development Services

You can build a brand from your rideshare app idea with our services.


With the help of our white-label rideshare app, you can dominate the on-demand mobility market and keep your customers happy.


Get customized carpooling software to boost your business travel efficiency and make your employees more productive as they travel.

Car/ Taxi Pooling

Make your business more efficient by developing a ride-hailing app for both intercity and intracity travel businesses and boost your user’s productivity by saving them money and time.

Our Expertise in Developing Rideshare and Carpooling App

Developing Android native apps, iOS native apps, and cross-platform applications. Using our tailored and comprehensive approach, Let’s SynergyWorks provides clients with all the information they need to meet their carpooling app requirements. As part of our customer-centric development process, we employ Agile methodologies to deliver the right results on time.

Analyzing and understanding requirements

Wearable Application Development services

Business development executives from our company will be responsible for comprehensively gathering requirements so that the business analysts team at our company can create SRSs (Software Requirement Specifications).

Payment Gateway Integration

Wearable Application Development services

Our recommendation is based on the regions to be targeted and the most popular payment gateways. The platform supports multiple payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, Crypto etc. ) and new integrations being developed.

Google Play/ App Store Submissions

Wearable Application Development services

Our Android and iOS developers assist with app submissions to the Google Play Store and App Store. We include it by default in all our project development processes.

App Support & Maintenance

Wearable Application Development services

Our technical support is available for the next 30 days after delivery. Also, we can assist you with app updates required upon OS version upgrades to ensure the app incorporates the latest features.

Customizable & Whitelabel

Wearable Application Development services

Brand identity is something we help our clients develop. The solutions we build are white-labeled and feature over-the-top customizations that add branding to your business.

Advanced Features of an On-Demand Carpooling App

As part of our ride-sharing app solution, we provide a variety of payment gateways that are popular in different regions of the world. You can pay with a debit card, credit card, or online wallet.

The application also integrates with an analytics platform, which enables operations to be monitored, revenue reports to be generated, and customer behavior to be analyzed.

Our services include the setup of on-demand carpooling applications across different cloud servers. To ensure our software’s successful deployment on-premise, we provide complete data backup support.

Carpooling apps from our company comply with various security compliance standards and complete data protection.

What are businesses doing with ridesharing and carpooling apps?

For entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the ridesharing economy, rideshare and carpool apps offer new opportunities. The automobile industry is now dominated by businesses that have invested in ridesharing and carpooling apps. No signs of the preference for 24/7 booking of vehicles are visible anytime soon. A few examples include Uber, Lyft, and more which made billions in a short period by developing ridesharing and carpooling apps. Uber-like business models are on the rise. Still, the sky is full of opportunities.

Why choose SynergyWorks for Ridesharing and Carpooling app development?

We have a long history of helping business owners set up and grow their ride-hailing businesses online as one of the industry’s top taxi-booking app development companies. Our mission is to Build an on-demand rideshare app with the help of our qualified team of taxi app developers.

Tracking in real-time

You can track the car of your passengers with our help. As part of our development process, SynergyWorks incorporate real-time tracking features into our apps. There is no time wasted on passenger and driver coordination and managing requests as soon as they request is made.

Tracking and route selection tools

Our ride app development service offers a smart solution with exclusive geolocation features. With the implementation of updated features, you can be certain that your trip will be safe. Our goal is to provide the best routes to your destination.

Take your business to the next level.

With our ridesharing software development services, we help you to take care of all your headaches and increase the success of your business. As a solution provider for digitally-enabled solutions, SynergyWorks provide you with the latest tech trends in the industry.

Ecosystem for robust security

We build ridesharing software following world-class standards in developing mobile application solutions. With our specialist team, you can be assured that you are efficiently protected from fraud and price-gouging.


Our experience in the rideshare and carpooling app development industry over the past 10 years has led us to acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in this field. Our app developers at SynergyWorks are knowledgeable about the latest technology trends, and they keep their skills up-to-date. Our rideshare and carpooling app are of high quality and delivered on time.

It is affordable to use ridesharing apps. You can find a ride using a ridesharing app and match it to a passenger using your mobile phone.

Their pickup location has a group chat where you can communicate with them. Riders can locate themselves using live tracking maps, and a direct app call is also an option.

Ridesharing applications match drivers and passengers. An individual seeking a companion to offset fuel costs is partially seeking a companion. A passenger can get a ride for an affordable price.

As an estimate, the cost of developing a cross-platform app similar to Uber could range from $5,000 to $25,000.  

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