Doctor On-Demand Mobile App Development : Their Best Features

Doctor On-Demand Mobile App Development : Their Best Features

There is recently a high surge for doctor on-demand like mobile app development to meet the needs of people. With the increasing population, it has become hard to get doctor’s appointments physically. In fact, the surveys say that 88% of the health appointments made by patients are kept on hold for up to 76 days to get a genuine appointment.

Young entrepreneurs and stakeholders are finding this an opportunity to establish a strong business by making bookings and getting doctor appointments easy for patients. They are introducing doctors on-demand apps that improve patient’s outcome, provide convenience, and have all the reasonable services one needs.
Thus, becoming a flourishing industry at a rapid rate. So, if you are finding the best app development company to help you build a doctor on-demand app with the best feature, The Synergy Works is there at your service.

Features That Make The Doctor On-Demand App Popular:

Like all the other sectors, the healthcare development sector is also advancing by digitalizing services and building a strong communication network between patients and providers. However, for a doctor on-demand app to stand out, it must contain certain important features. They are:

User Profile

The first step to developing a doctor on-demand app is building a user profile or login page. It is the section where users will feed their age, name, sex and other details. Also, you can ask users to provide information relating to their height, weight and disease (if suffering from any) like high BP, sugar, etc. Using this information, the app builds a unique chart for every patient.

Doctor Profile

Like users, the doctors must also have a profile of their own. It will include information like the doctor’s name and specialization areas like cardiology, paediatrician, gynaecology, etc. The app can also ask for other information relating to the location of their clinic, their work timings and the days they are available. Also, information like the details of their medical degree, years of experience, and qualifications can give confidence to patients.

App Booking

The main purpose of developing a doctor on-demand app is to provide a genuine appointment to patients. So, the app must contain an appointment booking feature with the doctor’s name available at proper timing. The section must also contain a calendar feature where the patients can find different doctor’s accessibility and set appointments accordingly.

Geo Location

Geo-location is another important feature every doctor on-demand app must contain. It provides assistance to patients on how to reach out to their preferred doctor in their hospital or clinic using the best route and within the least time. It acts as a life-saving feature in case there is a medical emergency, and the users want assistance from a doctor who already knows their medical history.

Review and Rating

How will the users know which doctor to choose for the best medical assistance? It is the ratings and reviews of other patients that will guide them. Not to mention, today, in this digitalized world, ratings and reviews have become the prime source where users rely upon before taking any service. So, a few reviews explaining the service supported with a doctor’s picture can increase the use of the app.

Live Chatting With The Doctor

If your app supports video conferencing and a live chatting feature, nothing can stop it from standing out. A patient cannot wish for more than being able to interact with the doctor personally. This will not only be a convenient process for them but also save a lot of their time, which gets wasted in travelling.

Smooth Payment Option

An in-built payment option in the doctor on-demand app with no complexity can attract a lot of users. However, it should support every possible payment option, including credit card, debit card, google pay, apple pay, PayPal, etc. Also, it must not compromise on the security level to convince the customers to feed their bank details without any second thought.

If these are the features you are looking for, you can get all these in the app developed by India’s leading app development company, The Synergy Works. They have much more advanced features to offer than these, ensuring user attention and maximum visibility.

Simple Working Of Doctor On-Demand Apps

The doctor on-demand app works on very simple logic. The flow has been explained below:

  • To receive medical assistance from a doctor, the patient has to first login into the system. Next, they have to feed their information and create an account. After the patient provides a detailed description of their ailment, the app takes them to the next step.
  • The app analyzes all the symptoms mentioned by the patient and searches for the best doctor to cure them. It allots appointments keeping in mind the doctor is available at the moment and is nearby to the patient’s address.
  • After the patient is satisfied with the allotment, they can make a video call to the doctor and fix an appointment in the app itself.
  • While the patient and the doctor are live chattings, the doctor tries to identify the problem and recommend the required lab tests, treatment and other medical staff.
  • Finally, when the video consultation is over, just like a physical visit, the patient pays for the doctor’s health service using a built-in payment gateway. Once the payment is successful, the patient can get their prescribed meds and receipt.
  • Why choose a professional for doctor appointment app development?

When you take the service of an app expert like The Synergy Works, you benefit from the following factor:

  • Intuitive design: The app created by professionals are highly intuitive and attractive to use.
  • Smooth Communication: There is no interruption in the communication between doctor and patient.
  • On-time delivery: You will have the app ready to market at the time you fix it.
  • Flexible models: The model of the app is designed as per your requirement and service style.


Medical science has been developing fast, and an on-demand doctor app can contribute to the process. So, if you want to expand your business wings in this field, we at SynergyWorks Solutions can bring superior solutions at an affordable range. For any information or query, you can also get a free consultation from our experts. So, without any delay, connect to us today!

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