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Get the best healthcare app and website development services to connect with patients online. We develop custom healthcare apps for medical professionals, hospitals, fitness, pharmacies to enhance patient care. We offer Pharmacy app delivery development services for independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains, and startups offering online medicine delivery services.

How We Came Into Play

Accelerating healthcare digital transformation globally by developing an advanced form of healthcare solutions.

Healthcare app development company successfully providing innovative mobile and web healthcare solutions to multiple brands and individuals globally.

Harnessing powerful digital platforms to health tech companies, hospitals, and doctors by providing them with web and mobile app solutions. 


Healthcare App & Website Development Solutions With Advanced Tech-Suite

We provide products for your idea. Also, we craft your existing product to gain more customers.

Doctor's App

Providing an online scheduling platform for doctors' appointments with highly advanced features under HIPAA Compliance.

Patient's App

Bridging the gap between patients and healthcare specialists online, reducing the patient journey to reach their healthcare specialists

Admin's Panel

Taking your Business to Professionally Intelligent, Technically Innovative, and Beautifully Designed Websites.

Information Management Softwares For Healthcare Laboratories

Managing your multiple laboratories workflow in a single platform. User-friendly, with 24/7 backend support.

Compliance and Security

Since the healthcare sector involves multiple compliance and security measures we talk about how we facilitate the sector

  • Trust and On-Time Deliverables are our strengths of why you must opt for our online healthcare solutions.
  • We ensure that our online healthcare solutions are secure as per HIPAA compliance.
  • We make sure that our healthcare applications are focused and designed as per the FDA Compliance and security following their regular updates.
  • We strictly follow GDPR rules while designing the application with special protection to data collection and sensitive information that is secure enough.

Different Solutions We Provide

Talking about the different types of product which we have in the healthcare industry
and how we facilitate the digital transformation

Online Healthcare Solutions With Advanced Tech-Suite

Doctor's App

Managing Doctor Profile

The doctor gets registered within the list of primary healthcare service categories and provides the required & relevant information.

Maintaining Appointments

Start managing the upcoming patient’s appointment requests and schedule them as per the availability by auto-updating the calendar. Doctors can set the appointment price.

Quick Action

Accept or Deny the mode of appointment request without any delay. An alert will be sent to the patient’s request.

Document Sharing

Upload a prescription over the app after consulting the patient online or offline with remarks and follow up for the patient.

Admin's Panel

Taking your Business to Professionally Intelligent, Technically Innovative, and Beautifully Designed Websites.

Powerful Management Dashboard

To manage and keep a track of your healthcare business with auto-updates of all doctors' calendars from a single dashboard panel.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting Option

To manage and keep a track of your healthcare business with auto-updates of all doctors’ calendars from a single dashboard panel.

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Patient's App

Enter the required details and sign up for the Application such as name, age, contact information.

The patient will search for healthcare speciality through the list of doctors by name or speciality. Can select Option for search via location.

Patients will choose doctors from the list of available doctors and book an appointment. Patients can select through the time slot option.

Choose among modes of online consultation call, chat, or Live video call consultation option followed by consultation charges if any.

Choose among modes of online consultation call, chat, or Live video call consultation option followed by consultation charges if any.


Pioneer Of Developing Innovative Healthcare Web Apps

Gone are the days when people used to wait in the queue for getting a doctor’s appointment or booking a lab test. At the present time, the healthcare industry has advanced a lot where people no longer have to wait for their turn to come in or suffer from the hassles of physical booking and appointments. This is the digital era where everything can be done online, especially the works related to the healthcare market. 

Be it a hospital or a private clinic, every business in this particular industry needs to have the best and the most functional online presence. It can be through a website or application but whatever it will be, the end result should satisfy the market demands and be helpful for all visitors, regardless of whether the person is a patient or not. Therefore, hiring the best medical app development firm is very useful, especially as the competition is so fierce and you need to make an impact. 

We, at Synergy, will develop the best website for your medical business and cater to all your needs. Our professionals are experienced in the field and they will live up to your expectations. If you have any plans for launching a new medical app or want to upgrade an existing one, you can share the same with us. We have consultants who will help you in the same and offer the best business solutions. 


Healthcare Portal Development

We are a reputed healthcare software development portal where you can find excellent solutions and a wide range of services. Starting from creating the most intuitive UI design to coming up with the best digital marketing plans for transformation, our professionals will help you in several ways. But just for a glance, here are some of the major services through which we will help you grow and improve your healthcare business.

Website and application development

We specialize in the development of healthcare websites and applications for different clients, like public and private hospitals, clinics, lab centers, and more. Our software development solutions are paramount and we follow a proper workflow as per the business requirements and market conditions. All the strategies we use are based on real-time analytics that we assess post studying your business.

Telemedicine portal development

If you want to include a separate portal for telemedicine consultation, reach out to our developers and explain your plan. We will devise a secured portal where healthcare professionals can conduct their services over the online software easily. From optimising the portal to maintaining the online transactions, we will make sure to design and develop the telemedicine portal easily.

Appointment and booking module development

Our developers will develop a separate module for handling the appointments easily, starting from booking schedules to the cancellation of appointments through a software platform. This will help you to process the tasks faster and meet the customer demands head-on. Our module designs will be based on the business type so that there is room for further updates and scalability. 


Why Need A Healthcare Website

There are several advantages of having separate software for your healthcare business which we have described in the following section.

With the website, you will be able to make your business available for the clients 24X7. Therefore, the workload will get reduced and you can streamline several processes connected with your healthcare company.

Scheduling appointments and processing them further will become much easier with a separately designed appointment module. There will be no need to endure the hassles of maintaining records on pen and paper.

With the healthcare website, both patients and new visitors will be able to know about your business easily and the services you offer. This way they can have appropriate information about your company and decide whether you can meet their demands or not.

By hiring the best medical website development company, you will be able to streamline the business processes and make sure no redundancy is present in it.


Advantages of hiring us

Our team is not just a healthcare app development company that will simply create software and be done with the business. Rather we are a team of experts who will help you to create an impactful and remarkable online presence so that you can easily take your healthcare company towards the path of progress.

  • Our experts have industry experience for more than a decade and hence, they know what needs to be done to get your business going.
  • We always ensure that the work is completed before deadlines without any compromise done with the software’s functionalities or performance.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that the developed application represents your healthcare business in the best possible manner.
  • We always strategize and orchestrate the workflows based on the latest market trends so that you don’t have to deal with obsoleteness or redundancy.

Here’s how we help you

  1. We will make sure to build an application or a website that will be the perfect replica of your healthcare facility. 
  2. Our developed software can be scaled and improved easily in the future for optimizing your business’s performance. 
  3. We will make sure to integrate third-party applications like social media, Google maps, online payment gateways, and more. 
  4. Our healthcare website development services can be customized so that we can deliver a unique solution that will definitely stand out in the crowd. 
  5. With our developed software, it will become easier for you to connect with the clients and offer them the best experience.

If you are looking forward to collaborating with the best healthcare designing and development solutions, reach out to our experts for a quick consultation. At our company, you will have our help for different aspects, but only when we can understand your business requirements easily.


Synergy Works Healthcare 

Synergy Works is one of the premier-level software development companies available that offer high-quality solutions to firms in this industry. We support the team in creating a systematic and well-defined system that would help them stand out further among their peers. 

With their decade-long experience and our highly trained experts together, we provide a modern, intuitive, and functional web solution for the healthcare providers and institutions. 

What can Synergy's healthcare website developers do for you?

Redesigning of existing healthcare software

If you have existing healthcare software but are not meeting the market standards or the user expectations, do not worry much. Reach out to our medical website development team and we will help you redesign the software based on the current market demands. Starting from revamping the website design to improving its performance, our professionals will help you a lot to enhance your business’s overall productivity. 

Healthcare software plug-in development and integration

If you want highly functional software for your healthcare business, we will help you by developing custom plug-ins and integrating them with the website or application. These plug-ins will make sure that the software’s performance is enhanced and you can streamline your business processes in the best possible manner. 

Healthcare mobile app development

Being a reputable medical app development company, we will create responsive software that can be accessed from different mobile platforms, like Android OS and iOS. We will make sure to develop an application for mobile users that will resemble your business in all senses and will offer the same features that the website does. Besides, it will have several advanced features, starting from voice search to automated notification triggers.

E-commerce medical website development

If your healthcare business deals with several products like medicines, healthcare equipment units, electronic medical gadgets, and so on, we will help in healthcare software development with an eCommerce website or application features. Since it will deal with important user information sets, our developers will make sure to integrate a high level of security and authorization so that your healthcare business won’t have to suffer from any problem later on.


Custom medical software designing and development

We will also help you in designing and developing custom software for your healthcare business that will become the virtual representative. This way you can easily stand out in the crowd and meet the market demands easily. Besides, you will be able to set yourself apart from your competitors and make sure to offer the best services to your customers.


Our medical & healthcare websites project engagement models

Our healthcare website development company offers services based on three different project models. Therefore, you will have the flexibility of choosing the best model as per your business requirements. 

  • Time-based project model

In the time-based project model, we will first develop a quote based on partial services so that we can understand the business scope and the things needed to be done. This will give you an upper hand and hence, you can save a lot of money on the model. 

  • Hourly rate-based model 

If you do not require long-term services but a few hours of support, this project model will be of great help to you. You will actually pay for what you will get from our side. Therefore, this cost-effective solution will be able to revamp your business or transform all the processes into digital ones. 

  • Fixed cost project model

If its’ a long-term project or you need our healthcare app development team to create a solution from scratch, you can avail of our fixed cost model. Here, the charges will depend on the type of project needed to be handled, technologies to be used, and also the services you are availing of. 


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