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How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?

So it has become even more critical for a business to develop mobile applications to boost profits. Developing a mobile app puts you halfway there. After completing the first half of the process, the second half involves uploading it to the Google Play Store.

Undoubtedly, Google Play Store is one of the essential elements for Android users to make the most out of their applications. Google Play is undeniably popular and dominant at an extremely high level. As of right now, there are 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store. Thus, you will find it beneficial to have your app on the Google Play store.

The question now arises about how exactly to submit your app to the Google Play Store. There is no need to worry; we have got your back.

We’ll look at the entire upload process to Google Play from beginning to end. Let’s jump right into listing applications to the Google Play store without further ado.

Let’s begin.

1. Set up a Google Play Developer Account (Developer Console)

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?

You must first create an account on the developers’ console to publish your app to Google Play. This is where you submit Android applications through Google Play Console, a robust backend system that controls apps.

An individual or business account must be created by entering basic information about yourself, such as your email address and address. After you’ve filled in the details, click the continue button. $25 is a one-time fee that allows you to access the dashboard where you can upload apps at any time.

A document verification process will be used to confirm your identity, and your profile approval will be based on this.  

2. Connect with a Google Wallet merchant account

The Google merchant account is essential whether you offer in-app purchases or paid apps. This step enables you to receive user payments through your developer and merchant accounts.

Here are the steps to take:

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Log in to your Google Play Console account and click on ‘Reports.’
  • In the ‘Financial Reports’ section, you will find the option to set up your merchant account. 
  • Fill out the required details while filling out the form, and you are done with it.
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Now that your Google Play Console account and merchant account are linked, you can access both accounts from one place. Your app allows you to manage and track sales easily.
  • Your business details can be entered in this section, and then click submit. 

3. Create an Application

This way, you are one step closer to your ultimate goal – uploading your app. When you open your developer’s account, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu.
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Click ‘Create Application’ from the ‘All Applications’ menu to start.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your preferred language and set it accordingly.
  • Last but not least, give your application a name. Changing it later is not a problem; you can change it anytime. 
  • To create your application, click “Create.”.

4. Prepare the store listing

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?

As you approach this step in uploading your app to the Google Play Store, you must have done the preparations beforehand. In this step, you must fill out all the information about your app, and you will need to fill out the following information during the app listing process.

The ‘app description’ should also include relevant keywords. Make sure you prepare good keywords after conducting thorough research since they can assist your application in being more visible in the search engine results. Here is a list of everything you should include in this section:

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Title of the app (up to 50 characters)
  • A brief description (80 characters)
  • Detailed description (4000 characters)
  • Include all screenshots, videos, and other graphics
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?

5. Upload APK File

At this stage, you must upload the application kit file and sign the application release. The following steps will guide you through this process:

  • Click on ‘App Release’ under ‘Release Management
  • You can choose between internal tests, close tests, production releases, and open tests.
  • When you have decided what release you want, click ‘Create Release.’
  • The new release will now appear on a new page. On the Google Play app store sign-in page, choose whether or not you would like the Google Play App store to sign you into the app. You only have to select the ‘Opt-Out’ option if you do not wish to opt for this.

6. Content Rating

If you have reached this step, consider that the app uploading is almost completed, and just a few steps now. It’s time to rate your app. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Choose the Content Rating option on the left side of the screen, then click ‘Continue.’
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ after entering your email address.
  • For rating your app, please fill out the questionnaire and click on the button that says ‘Save Questionnaire’ after completing it.
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • After saving the file, you will need to click on ‘Calculate Rating’ to find out what the app rating is and get the app published on Google Play.
  • The final step is to select ‘Apply,’ and you will be ready for the next step.

7. Decide on the distribution and pricing of the app

Distribution involves selecting users from which countries can download and use your app. There is a regional requirement for Google Play publishing – your app will not be listed in every region. This is why you must consider your target user and decide which countries will be most beneficial for your business.

Also, you should not forget to specify the price for your app. In this step, you need to decide whether to list your app for free or a fee. The decision you make here can only be made once, so you should be sure that you have done some serious planning before you decide. 

The steps you will have to follow are as follows:

In the menu bar, locate the ‘Pricing and Distribution’ tab and click on it.

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Decide whether you want your app to be free or a paid app.
  • Choose the countries in which you would like to have your app available.
  • Make sure you select a rating for your app and indicate whether or not it is suitable for children under 13 years of age.
  • Choose the option to enable in-app advertising if you wish. 

8. Publishing your app on Google Play

After going through the process, you can finally add your app to Google Play. Follow these steps:

  • Go back to ‘App Releases
How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?

Choose ‘Manage Production

How To Submit An App To The Google Play Store?
  • Click on ‘Edit Release’
  • Click the ‘Review’ button.
  • Select ‘Start rollout to production’ from the menu
  • The final step is to select ‘Confirm,’, and it’s all done!

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Final thoughts 

Hopefully, the above instructions have helped guide you through uploading an app to the Google Play Store. It is essential to have an active marketing strategy in place once your app has been uploaded to the Play Store to attract users.

As a software and mobile app development company, we have experts capable of turning your idea for an app into a successful one. In every way that you need assistance, whether it is building a robust and scalable app or publishing it on the Google Play Store and then getting it featured there, our experts at SynergyWorks Solutions are ready to assist you.  

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