How To Make A Website Like Zillow in 2023

How To Make A Website Like Zillow

In the digital world, players are better positioned to grow their businesses in light of the ever-increasing competition in the real market. Due to its advantages, multi-functional websites function as social marketplaces and gain popularity.

In terms of multi-functional real estate websites, Zillow inspires us the most. Real estate involves a few parties, namely buyers, sellers, and agents, who are involved in taking the business further. By developing a website like Zillow, they can take their business to new heights, and you can get tremendous revenue for your real estate business.

Zillow stands out among these real estate listing websites, with 400 million unique users, and this figure is expected to increase in the next five years.

To get started, let’s look at what Zillow is. From there, we’ll see how we can create a website.

What is Zillow?

As early as 2006, Zillow was just a small start-up with a limited audience. Currently, it is one of the most popular and widely used real estate websites around the world. Many factors may contribute to its success, but perhaps the primary reason is its universal appeal.

Features to integrate into your Zillow-like website

Using the Zillow sample site as a blueprint for building your real estate website is a great idea. Considering its popularity, it makes sense to attribute its successful performance to the many features and techniques it employs. In light of this, consider these key aspects of a real estate website.

Signup/Login Users

Make sure that you consider the registration process on your website when creating a real estate website like Zillow.

Adding a filter option

A real estate website must also have this essential feature. Each site visitor will select the same options based on their needs and interests.

Photo Gallary

Real estate is particularly challenging since more than just describing it is needed to sell it. Real estate listings on the site must have high-quality images to be visually appealing to buyers.


Communication is the key to real estate success. Messages should be available in real-time on sites like Zillow. As a result, the number of sales and purchases will almost double.

Integration of maps

By integrating maps with offers, prospective owners can sort them based on location. Zillow, for example, provides information about the size and infrastructure of homes in specific areas.

Clean and simple website design

The web design must be attractive for it to work. If you’re looking for a way to create a retail estate marketplace like Zillow, you must coordinate all the details with the web designers managing your project.

High-Speed Website

To build a website like Zillow, you need to be aware of optimizing your website’s load speed as you are working on building a website.

Process of Development of the Website

Following these steps and using leading Zillow clones can improve your business results and gain your desired market share.

Research on the market

Real estate website development begins with this stage. Identifying the needs of the user requires market research and surveys. Develop a plan after finding the needs of the target market that still need to be met by your competitors’ services, which will help you find a niche audience who are not being served by your competitors’ services.

Models of business

Choosing the right business model is essential since the goal is to recoup the cost of website development and creation. Making ends meet requires constant profits. Additionally, you can allow your promotion activities to earn money, and you can pay for premium service.

A geolocation service

It is a feature that every real estate website aims to have. With its geolocation feature, the website allows users to find real estate properties near a particular location, find out where the property is located and how to find it, and find free agents who can show you real estate in your area.

Website Design for Commercial Use

Consider the user expectations when designing your website, and use the most creative level to boost the selling services. We recommend hiring web developers with experience.

Model of MVP

In the case of a small business, money, manpower, or other constraints prevent you from starting big at first. Considering the MVP model will allow you to launch with the necessary features and add more later on.

SynergyWorks can help you make a website like Zillow

Real estate is a growing industry. Creating a website like Zillow or a similar business is a great way to succeed online.

At SynergyWorks, we have the best sources and team of website developers and designers ready to go the extra mile to develop an app like Zillow that allows you to take charge in the real industry and surpass everything competition that comes your way.

You need to contact our team and share your ideas, vision, and the rest we will handle.

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