Digital Transformation Of The Healthcare Sector

Digital Transformation Of The Healthcare Sector

The past few decades have discerned some of the greatest applications of technology in mainstream industries as well as atypical business models. Industries like banking, healthcare, education, entertainment, etc. have undergone drastic transformation since the advent of technology. The healthcare sector, especially, has not only seen phenomenal growth but has also been able to save lives and enhance the quality of living through technology-based solutions. Having said that, the healthcare industry is a massive industry itself that is divided into several departments based upon the distinct criteria of medicine, treatment, wellness, etc. So, let us see how technology is transforming each department in the healthcare sector with its basic and advanced solutions.

Digitalization of Health Records

No more getting lost into the rotten files. No more hassle of going through dusted medical records. No more confusion because of faded patient records.

In healthcare, electronic health records have been the most significant application of technology that has not only simplified the lives of health professionals but has also modernized all the medical processes to work effectively and more efficiently. With a centralized digital system, it becomes easier for medical institutes, insurance companies, and other healthcare professionals to maintain patient records in one place and access as and when required. Moreover, this rules out the possibility of human errors due to the unreadable handwriting of different physicians.

Mobile Health

Access to healthcare facilities and medical data through mobile technology is called mHealth or Mobile Health. Today, most of the patients use medical applications on their mobile devices to get medical aid. Mobile applications help in maintaining a complete and accurate medical history. Physicians also use medical applications to perform various tasks from anywhere and anytime, thus, enabling, better & faster communication, improved processes, and reduced dependencies.


Telemedicine is the phenomenon in which doctors and patients remain connected via different forms of digital content such as videos, conferences, and forums. Furthermore, patients from remote areas can access medical facilities easily and get medical assistance without having to leave their houses. Telemedicine has also allowed the healthcare sector to offer faster treatments to patients who are unfit to visit clinics or other medical institutes.

We cannot simply put up all the implications of technology in healthcare in this blog itself. However, we would like to extend our tech expertise in developing healthcare solutions that can transform medical ecosystems for the better and efficient provision of medical services.

Medlab 365

Medlab 365 is a laboratory information management system that helps healthcare institutes and other medical stakeholders to manage their laboratory information at a single place. The client came up with a requirement to create a system for all laboratories that can be accessed by any laboratory technicians or medical professionals for generating reports, sending reports to patients or doctors, maintaining medical records, revenue calculations, etc. In simple terms, he wanted to take the laboratory operations online. We, at The Synergy Works, collaborated with industry experts to develop a system that not only meets the needs of the client but also adds value to the medical sector and makes the lives of patients easier.

Benefits of Using Medlab365

For laboratories and medical institutes to access and manage laboratory data at a centralized place with ease, we have built Medlab365 with an intuitive interface that resolves the key pain areas of all laboratory technicians and physicians.

Easy Report Management

Medlab365 makes it utterly simple to add new reports using templates wherein, laboratory technicians or physicians can simply fill details. These reports can be modified at any time using the edit feature. Additionally, these reports are downloadable and printable, thus, enabling medical authorities to access them anytime, anywhere, and use the same in any format; hard and soft.

Laboratory Test Management

Creating new tests becomes simple using Medlab365. Laboratory technicians or physicians can edit the tests anytime they wish to. Using Medlab365, doctors can refer to these tests while reducing the risk of human errors.

Patient Record Management

Managing the history of each patient is a tedious task that becomes effortless with Medlab365 because of the user-friendly dashboard. Medical institutes can ensure better efficiency and reduced time & effort by having a digitalized and centralized patient database through Medlab365.

Doctor Data & Assignment

Medlab365 enables laboratories to share reports with associated or assigned doctors without any hassle. With complete accuracy and efficiency, doctors’ details can be utilized for quick sharing of patient details and relevant reports, thus, allowing faster diagnosis and treatments.

Views According to Profiles

Patient and doctor profiles are managed separately on Medlab365 platform. Medical authorities can choose to view reports as per specific patient or doctor to understand better. This makes decision making easier as all the data can be seen on a single interface that provides better clarity.


Medlab365 allows laboratories or technicians to create groups under which they can add different doctors or patients for some specific task or treatment. As a result, there is better and quick communication among all the entities that are in a group. With sub-group management as another feature in Medlab365, it becomes simpler to further narrow down certain tasks.


Medlab365 records varied amounts of patient and doctor data on a regular basis. Analytics in Medlab365 allows laboratories and other medical institutes to find out important data metrics that can be transformed into actionable insights. Intelligent insights help medical organizations to make smarter decisions by finding out what kind of tests are performed the most or which doctor is the most efficient, etc.

Easy Revenue Calculations

With Medlab365, laboratories can easily calculate revenues and find out where they need to improve and how they can boost sales.

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The healthcare sector has embraced the inventions of technology to its core. However, with technology gaining more ground, there will always be better and more efficient solutions in the making. This implies that we must not stop adopting newer and better forms of technology that can not only streamline business operations but make this world a better place.

Stay tuned for the next tech blog.

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