Everything You Should Know About Developing Flutter Apps

Everything You Should Know About Developing Flutter Apps

To develop a hybrid mobile application, businesses need to evaluate several programming languages and frameworks to select the one that fits perfectly, as per their budget and business requirements. In today’s world, technology is evolving at a fast pace; we cannot stick to a single platform or language as it can become outdated anytime. Flutter is one of the most recent mobile app development technologies that has gained considerable popularity. It has also received appreciation from renowned companies across the world.

In this blog, we help you put an end to your confusion by explaining how Flutter is the best choice for mobile app development for any business.

Flutter- Brief Introduction

Flutter is a free and open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework based on Dart programming language. Google launched Flutter in 2018 to expedite ambient computing. The framework comes with a full software development kit (SDK) like other hybrid app development frameworks. However, Flutter comes with its own widgets that enable faster development of Android and iOS applications. Using these widgets, hybrid app developers can design customizable and engaging applications with ease.

This progressive technology is giving tough competition to React Native as well as native technologies in terms of performance, speed, and time of development. Let us look at all the reasons why you should use Flutter for mobile app development.

Faster Development

Entrepreneurs who do not have enough time to spend on new mobile application projects can blindly choose Flutter as it offers rapid app development. With its Hot Reload feature, developers are able to view the effect of every change in code they make, thus, enhancing their productivity and performance. Moreover, the framework has a wide variety of widgets for fonts, navigation, and other features that saves a lot of development time.

Reduced Development Cost

Flutter saves a great deal of money as you do not have to spend money for native app development for each platform. With Flutter, you get one source code that works on both Android and iOS. It allows businesses to save money for other business activities like marketing campaigns, server setups, and business development.

Simplified Testing Process

Since there is only one source code, quality analysts can quickly test the application without spending much effort. Moreover, the developers can view the changes as they code, due to which they can avoid a lot of bugs and performance issues at the time of coding only. Most of the plugins in Flutter app development are reused. As a result, the testers do not need to check every app functionality thoroughly.

Multiple IDE Support

Flutter has become a favorite of developers for several reasons. Besides offering a comfortable and easy coding environment, Flutter allows developers to choose any IDE they like as and when required.

Free & Open-Source Technology

This relatively new technology is free and open-source that helps in building more innovative and advanced applications. Its community offers endless options for designing as well as widgets for different functionalities, thus making it easier for the flutter app developers to create top-notch mobile applications.

Firebase As Backend

Google offers Firebase as Flutter’s backend that enables smooth mobile app management. From efficient cloud storage to database management to service hosting, you get everything at one place called Flutter.

Extensive List of Widgets

Brands and businesses invest millions in application development to get the desired results. Therefore, it is necessary that the app functions seamlessly and offers unmatched performance. With Flutter’s extensive list of widgets, app developers build apps that deliver native performance. Using different widgets the app development process becomes simple and the look and feel of the application enhances.

Appealing & Engaging UI

When a user downloads a new app, they judge it by its user interface and user experience. If either of them is poor, they do not hesitate to tap the uninstall button. Flutter adds more value and efficiency to the app design process with its wide variety of advanced UI options and features. The widgets also play a crucial role in offering an impeccable user experience.


Launching your application in this ultra-competitive market can be quite challenging, especially when you plan to do it on a tight budget. Flutter makes it possible for any business, small or large, to build any mobile application in less time while cutting business costs by almost half. Since Flutter is Google’s product, you can rely on it and expect it to grow in the coming years. The free and open-source technology is easy to learn and requires familiarity with object-oriented languages like C++, JavaScript, and Java. So, hybrid app developers can start learning a new language while exploring the endless doors of opportunities.

If you are still confused if Flutter is the right technology or not, get expert consultation from an experienced Flutter app development company. Contact us to learn more from our mobile team.

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