Improve User Experience: Different Ways to Make Your Site More Engaging

Improve User Experience: Different Ways to Make Your Site More Engaging

Websites and apps hold high customer interest in the current digital world. Owing to this, developers are focusing on creating high-quality apps with interactive UI and UX design to bring in more customers. Between the two, user experience is very important for impacting users and increasing customer retention.

Statistics show that companies get 83% higher KPIs when they provide a good user experience. Thus, brands spend a high amount of their resources to enhance the UX design of their digital product/service.

What is UX design?

The UX (User Experience) design of a website or an app constitutes the user interactions with it. Factors like form design and website design influence the overall user experience. It deals with the easier usability of the website or the mobile app and the customers’ impression of them.

Thus, developers focusing on improving the UX design ensure simpler customer interaction with the brand. It results in lower friction between the target audience and the website/app.
For example, developers can simplify the checkout process, reducing the numbers of steps and adding easier accessibility features. These include factors like one-time password, one-time log-in, multiple payment gateways, and simpler checkout pages. This would improve user experience and customer retention; 8 out of 10 users would pay higher if the experience satisfies them.

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Ways to improve user experience (UX)

The following are the tried-and-testing methods for improving the user experience of an app/website.

Break Design Elements Into Parts

Developers can handle all the elements of the web development process in parts. Customers are likely interested in particular sections of the website and clicking on them. Therefore, the UX designer needs to view each part of the website to see which areas are generating clicks.
For example, the graphical design on a website may get the highest customer attention. Developers can take action and hyperlink the image with the landing page- this would increase customers.

Understand Customer Behaviour

It is important to understand the usage behaviour of current customers to enhance the UX design for future clients. Businesses can invest in screen capture and analytics tools to understand what customers are doing on-site. The generated data would inform developers on how the viewers are scrolling through the long-form page, customer reviews, and metrics like page-clicks. Developers can evaluate these data to recognise the problem areas and factors that draw the highest customer interest.

Consultative Sales Approach

Businesses selling complex products need to show their users the technical data to engage their interest. They can add a consultative approach to their sales practice and shape distinct sales funnels for different user groups. Professional-level clients can directly purchase the products and beginners get Q/A data before getting to the checkout. The separate sales funnels would satisfy all users and simplify the website usage experience.

Improve Specific Pages

Developers need to enhance the website elements on a priority basis, focusing on pages like the landing page, sales page, contact page, or homepage. These parts attract the highest customer views.

Also, brands should focus on this based on their type of business. An e-commerce site would need an advanced sales page more than others. Therefore, developers need to focus on the UX improvement in that area and later continue to others.

Call To Action

The CTA of a site is important for improving user experience; however, developers should determine what they need the CTA for first. Brands that know what action they want the users to take can optimize their UX design and CTA buttons accordingly. After figuring out the most valuable route, the developers can conduct A/B testing for further data.

Figure Out What Design Elements Need Improvement

Developers can use tactics like list reports, scroll maps, heatmaps, and overlay reports to understand the design problem areas. Then, they can run A/B testing to determine a solution to the compiled data. For example, the data from the overlay report would show which elements require A/B tests potentially.

Responsive Web Design

RWD improves the viewing experience of users in sites; developers use this web design plan to build interactive sites. Elements here include easy navigation and reading, limiting panning, scrolling, or resizing. Also, this approach would suit multiple devices, like desktops and mobile phones. Statistically, users are 5 times more likely to stop using a brand if the site is not mobile-friendly.

Social Media Integration

Developers need to add social media platform association to the website or mobile app for increasing brand interest and customer experience. Users would understand the brand and their products more if they can interact with the brand easily. Social media integration on the website allows that.

Multi-language Support

Global users are more likely to gain a better impression of a site with optimized language functions. Usable features here include interactive audio and visual chat and SaaS language translation. Users would appreciate a brand more if they allow native language communication for the customers. This would build brand loyalty for the customers.

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Improving the user experience through such measures would increase the credibility of the brand for customers. Following the mentioned steps carefully would increase website clicks and help with customer retention as well.

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