7 Powerful Mobile App Promotion Techniques You Must Know

7 Powerful Mobile App Promotion Techniques You Must Know

Mobile applications have become an effective part of our lives. From setting an alarm to putting a reminder, we are using a plethora of applications to take care of our daily needs. The market for application development has reached greater heights as companies vie to digitize their products and services. In this race, it is imperative to bring in creative and effective mobile app promotion strategies to make your app stand out and show itself loud and clear.

But most promotional activities require a hefty amount of money. Traditional modes of promotion are costly and the digital medium is the only way if you do not have a big bank balance. However, you do not need to worry as there are a host of other promotional methods that you can employ to promote your mobile app.

In this article, we have broken down some effective mobile app promotion strategies that will help your app to stand out from the crowd and make a name for itself. Let us get going.

Some Mobile App Promotion Strategies:

You might not have a big fat wallet but you would still want to promote your app to reach wider audiences. It might be challenging at first but following these strategies will help you promote your application in a way that reaches millions of audiences.

Write a clear description

Your audience will first see the headline and the description of your app. Therefore, it should be catchy, clear, concise, and informative to start with. You must choose a headline and description that clearly promotes your vision of the app and its usefulness. It must load all the important details of the application as you want to convey its features and services.

Start Promotion Early

You would have seen how the marketing department creates hype even before the product goes into production. Right from its conceptualization and prototyping, marketing for the products start. You would have to adopt a similar strategy. If your application is powerful, it should start making rounds before its launch. Huge anticipation would finally help the app grab a bigger bite.

If you start marketing your app early, you will have two major advantages. First, you can increase your app awareness by letting people know that such a powerful app is coming to the market. Second, you can get feedback directly from the market as to what you have to keep in the app. It gives you an idea as to what could be redundant for the users. That is when Beta testing becomes so important.

It encourages the users to use the application and gives you feedback in real-time. As a developer, you must pay heed to all the feedback and incorporate the suggestions to fill the gaps, if any.

Leverage your website

If you have a website, it could prove to be a wonderful asset for your application. If you don’t have a website, you can even start a WordPress website to start promoting your mobile app. Through your website, you can create your brand awareness, build authority and increase your product credibility. There are various ways that you can leverage your website to promote your application. Some of these are:


You can use the platform’s blogging feature to add more information about the app and increase its visibility. Users discover every one out of four apps through a search engine. For apps in the niches of technology, travel, and local services, users reach them mostly through search engines. That means you must put up your app on the search engine. And what better than blogs on your website to leverage this. It will help you update the consumers about your application and build its online presence. Here, you can also share the features and other important details related to the blog to hype its presence. It is here that you can even ask for feedback from the consumers and implement them.

Website Banners and CTAs

Another amazing way to promote your app through your website is through the website banners and call to action buttons. You can leverage the website banners as part of your mobile app promotion strategy. You can make a banner that announces the launch of the mobile right at the top of your website. You can inform people about your mobile app launch and give them some anticipation. You can even put CTAs on the banner from where the users need to click to download the app thereby creating a direct pathway to boost downloads.

Use Email Strategy

Every company, either big or small, uses email marketing to its advantage. It is one strategy that people often start with when talking about mobile app promotion strategy. This form of marketing can put your right at the top of your competitors and bring instant customers to your app. Data suggests that at least 90% of users check their email once during the day while more than 50% of users in the US check their email at least 10 times a day. So, why not leverage this benefit to your advantage?

You should create an email series and announce the date of your launch along with features. Send this to the subscribers and offer them something so that they can open the email and download the app. The catch here is the subject of the email. You should keep them crisp, catchy, and concise to attract readers.

Leverage Social Media

Finally, you cannot leave out social media from your mobile app promotion strategies. It plays a major role in any form of promotion these days and you should leverage that as well. You should first ascertain the social media on which your target audience spends most of the time. Once you know that, you should publish content to promote on these platforms. If your target audience spends their time on multiple social media channels, you can use social media management tools like HubSpot that help you create content according to your customer base.

It also helps you schedule your posts on these social media so as it reaches your audiences in the most effective manners possible. You can even go for influencer marketing which is very popular these days. You can pay influencers to promote your app on their channels to reach their audiences easily.

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Marketing is very important in these times when competition is high. You always need to be on top of your competitors to stay alive in the market. Therefore, these promotional strategies can be helpful in bringing lots of customers.

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