How to Make a Pregnancy-Tracking App Like Ovia?

How to Make a Pregnancy-Tracking App Like Ovia?

Pregnancy is a deeply fulfilling yet often anxiety-inducing journey, marked by tremendous physical and mental transformations. To help navigate this critical period, pregnancy tracking apps have emerged as invaluable tools for expectant parents.

The pregnancy tracking app market, standing at a significant $217.3 million in 2022, is projected to burgeon at a 19.1% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.

One standout example in this thriving market is Ovia, an app designed to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout pregnancy. Offering features like customized tracking, personalized recommendations, and supportive communities, Ovia has become an essential companion for many.

If you’re interested in learning how to develop a pregnancy-tracking app like Ovia, this article will provide valuable insights into the process. Read on to discover the necessary steps and considerations to bring your vision to life.


What Is a Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia?

A pregnancy and baby tracking app, like Ovia, serves as a comprehensive guide for expectant and new parents. It offers a wealth of information and tools that enable users to monitor the growth of the baby during pregnancy and after birth, track progress, and stay updated regarding milestones and upcoming appointments.

These apps not only provide intricate details about the baby’s development but also help parents prepare for their arrival.

Moreover, such an app extends beyond tracking to offer a supportive community. Users can interact with medical experts and other expecting parents, share experiences, ask questions, and gain valuable insights. This community aspect contributes to the app’s value by fostering a sense of shared experience and camaraderie during a period of life that can often feel isolating.

Founded in 2011, Ovia exemplifies these features. As a comprehensive maternity and family benefits solution, it has been a part of over 18 million family journeys through fertility, pregnancy, and parenting. Ovia offers tools to track the baby’s growth, pick a name, set up a registry, learn what to eat, and much more, offering an all-encompassing experience for its users.


Must-Have Features of a Pregnancy Tracking App Like Ovia

Navigating the complexities of pregnancy apps like Ovia, one can’t help but appreciate the range of features offered to support and guide expectant parents. Let’s delve into the must-have features that make such an app indispensable.


Sign Up/Login

Sign Up/Login

First impressions matter, and the sign-up/login process is no exception. This function should be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless and secure entry into the app. It can include options for sign-up through email or social media accounts, along with a robust password security system.


Home Screen

Home Screen

The home screen serves as the central hub, presenting essential information at a glance. Here, users can view an overview of the baby’s development, countdown to the delivery date, and access pertinent tips and articles related to pregnancy health and baby developmental stages. The information needs to be concise yet informative, providing a snapshot of the pregnancy journey.




A calendar function is crucial for keeping track of important dates and milestones. It can include reminders for prenatal visits, marking important developmental stages, and even noting personal experiences or feelings throughout the pregnancy.


Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

The ability to schedule and manage appointments directly within the app simplifies the process for busy parents-to-be. This feature could include options to set reminders, view upcoming appointments, and integrate with other calendar apps for better organization.


Symptom Tracker

Symptom Tracker

A symptom tracker allows users to record and monitor their physical and emotional changes. This feature can provide valuable insights to both the user and their healthcare provider, aiding in the overall management of the pregnancy.


In-App Forum

Creating a sense of community is essential. An in-app forum provides a platform for users to share experiences, ask questions, and offer support. This feature fosters a sense of camaraderie among users, adding a social aspect to the app.


Contraction Timer and Kick Counter

Contraction Timer and Kick Counter

These functions provide practical tools for monitoring baby activity and preparing for labor. A contraction timer and kick counter can help users stay informed about their baby’s movements and contractions, giving them peace of mind and valuable data to share with healthcare providers.


Steps to Build a Pregnancy and Baby Tracking App Like Ovia

Having outlined the key features expected in a pregnancy tracking app, let’s delve into the systematic steps to develop an app akin to Ovia.


Step 1: Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Planning forms the bedrock of any successful app development project. Start by defining the app’s purpose and identifying your target audience. Prioritize features (as discussed in the previous section), understand the competitive landscape, and decide on the platform—iOS, Android, or both. This comprehensive planning phase ensures your app aligns perfectly with user needs and market trends.


Step 2: Selecting a Business Model

Selecting a Business Model

Your revenue model determines the financial viability of your app. Here are three strategies you may consider:

Monthly Subscriptions: Charge users a regular fee for accessing your app. This model ensures consistent revenue while providing ongoing value to users.

In-app Ads: Leverage partnerships to display ads within the app. It’s a less intrusive way to generate revenue, especially if the ads are relevant to pregnancy and baby care.

Premium Features: Offer basic features for free but charge for advanced ones. This ‘freemium’ model can attract a wide user base while still driving revenue.


Step 3: Partnering with a Development Company

Choosing a trustworthy mobile app development company, such as SynergyWorks, is crucial. Ensure they have a robust portfolio, solid technical expertise, and a clear communication process. The right partner will grasp your vision and translate it into a compelling, user-friendly app.


Step 4: Development and Testing

This phase involves translating your plans into a functional app. The development team will code the app, create the user interface, and integrate features. Following the development, rigorous testing is vital to ensure functionality, usability, and compatibility across devices.


Step 5: Deployment and Maintenance

After thorough testing, it’s time to launch your app. However, the journey doesn’t end here. Regular maintenance, updates, and user feedback analysis are necessary for long-term success. Remember, your app must evolve with user expectations and technology advancements.

By following these steps, you’re well on your way to creating a pregnancy tracking app that’s not only profitable but also valuable to expectant parents.


Launch Your Ovia-Like App with SynergyWorks

Developing a pregnancy tracking app like Ovia involves careful planning, choosing a profitable business model, selecting a reliable development company, meticulous testing, and consistent post-launch maintenance. It’s a complex but rewarding journey, given the growing market demand for such applications.

At SynergyWorks, we’re experts in mobile and software development, ready to guide you through each step of this process. Our team is dedicated to transforming your vision into a user-friendly, profitable app that assists expectant parents during their pregnancy journey.

Ready to bring your app to life? Get in touch with us today for a comprehensive quote.

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