How Much Does the Doctor Appointment App like ZocDoc Cost?

How Much Does the Doctor Appointment App like ZocDoc Cost?

Patients prefer convenience when making doctor appointments. However, no patients aren’t happy with how long they’ve had to wait.

Doctor Appointment Apps like Zocdoc are an excellent solution for this problem. There is no doubt that online appointment scheduling apps have taken up a significant share of the digital healthcare market.

For either scheduling an in-person appointment or a telemedicine appointment, patients are turning to the respective eHealthcare apps, such as Zocdoc, to make the full and easy process of scheduling appointments easier and faster.

By implementing these online processes, patients will be able to reduce their waiting time while at the same time improving the quality of care.

Health apps have been boosting the level of mobilization.

Let’s look at a few basic stats regarding the future of apps that allow patients to book appointments with doctors.

Overview of online appointment booking apps for doctors

A well-developed healthcare mobile app or a doctor appointment booking app will boost the marketability of your business in the healthcare industry. Recent updates from Statista reveal that the number of Android and iOS users who installed apps for online doctor consultations has reached approximately 102 million.

A combination of increasing convenience, shorter wait times, and more convenient scheduling facilities are expected to fuel the growth of the number of users by 25% by 2022 to 128.05 million over the next five years. Apps that allow users to make doctor appointments online will be in high demand and generate a significant amount of revenue for providers of these services.

Introduction to Zodoc

Founded in New York City in 2011, Zocdoc is a popular online medical appointment booking app based in New York. As a popular mobile app in the USA, it allows you to make an appointment for in-person or video consultations in a few steps. One such app is an app like Zocdoc, which enables people to search for doctors in their area covering a wide range of specialties.

Among the top online doctor booking apps in the USA, Zocdoc ranks at the top of the list, providing patients with more flexibility in choosing highly specialized and highly rated physicians who can treat their illnesses more effectively.

The best features to include in your medical app

For a doctor appointment app to be able to meet users’ expectations, it needs to include some specific features that will cater to their needs.


Within minutes of taps of the button, a private clinic or hospital appointment is added to the doctor’s calendar, and the appointment is immediately filled.

Profile of the patient

To be prepared for any meeting, doctors should include personal information in patients’ profiles. By uploading and scanning, access to medical histories would be facilitated.

Profile of a doctor

There should be a wide variety of healthcare professionals available to choose from before scheduling an appointment with one of them for the patient to select the most appropriate healthcare professional.


Patients can comment and assist others in reviewing recommendations by using the clinic appointment scheduling software’s rating function.

Reminders and notifications

You can also get appointment reminders through a phone call, an email, or an app when you use physician scheduling software.

Support and chat in-app

There is a demand for an in-app chat to be available for patients. This system allows for better and more efficient communication between physicians and patients and for any problems that may arise to be resolved immediately.

Integration of payments

Payment options must be available to healthcare providers and patients so they can communicate effectively. You can easily make payments and manage appointments with a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet. Users can schedule consultations more securely using secure e-payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal.

Search for doctors and clinics.

You could offer your patients the option of searching for doctors and clinics based on their specialties, clinic names, visitation times, and consultation rates.

Geo-Location Based Search

Patients can find a doctor or clinic near them by adding geolocation-based functionality to the MVP list.

Benefits of Developing an App Like Zocdoc

An app like Zocdoc is a great tool to help you find doctors in your area. A platform like this can provide benefits to a variety of patients and offer a variety of benefits to doctors that are using it.

Let’s examine these benefits in more detail.

Benefits for Patients

Scheduling appointments online

Using this method, you can avoid lengthy lines outside the medical stores and clinics, making it very convenient for you to use. A doctor’s appointment can be scheduled online at a time and date of your choice.

Choosing the right doctor

With the help of such apps, you can find a doctor that best suits your needs very quickly. In a doctor’s profile, you will be able to find general information about a clinic and feedback from other patients.

Obtaining a lab test

The patient has the option of requesting lab tests if a doctor orders them for them. A professional will collect the sample from your home by visiting you on-site during the visit. Labs are usually only necessary to visit if you are having machine tests performed on your computer.

Benefits for Doctors

Advice available online

Importance maintaining a safe distance will provide a significant contribution to the improvement of health in a community. More people can contact physicians and get their help if they offer online consultations.

Profile online

Online accounts allow doctors to attract more patients. Taking a look at their background, educational qualifications, and patient reviews can help users build trust and satisfaction with their providers.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Doctor Appointment Booking App like Zocdoc

A range of costs is associated with developing doctor booking mobile applications, such as Zocdoc, between $30,000 and $60,000.

Nevertheless, the cost of developing an online video consultation booking application such as Zocdoc depends on numerous factors, including the application platform, the application type, the UI design, the features, the technology stack, maintenance services after launch, and the location and experience of the mobile app development company.

Additionally, adding Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to doctor appointment booking apps will cost nearly $100,000. Contact an established Doctor Appointment App Development company and let them help you develop your project on time and within your budget.


As we move into the future, the healthcare applications we use today will outshine those globally and domestically. This blog has been written to provide the most important statistics, facts, and graphs that can facilitate your estimate of the cost of developing an app like Zocdoc for your healthcare needs.

SynergyWorks’ team of mobile app developers will provide you with a one-stop solution for all your healthcare software development requirements to help you improve your business procedures. Contact our experts today to start building a healthcare app like Zocdoc.


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