6 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses in 2023

6 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Small Businesses

E-commerce platforms make consumers’ lives simpler and make it easier for new companies to set up. And if you want to set up an online shop in 2022, you may pick from several alternatives. It is estimated that e-commerce sales represent 15.5 percent of global retail sales. Yet half of the small companies in America do not have websites that make it difficult for their consumers to buy with them and, in turn, lose them from rivals that use specialized e-commerce platforms to provide a smooth purchasing experience.


Even though many excellent e-commerce systems are available, Shopify seems to provide the most outstanding value for small companies. It has the potential to be beneficial to you at any level of your company’s development.

Shopify is a platform that allows you to create an e-commerce store in a matter of minutes. Choosing a custom domain, creating a logo, and discovering goods via their vendor connections with third-party vendors is possible.

They provide a free collection of stock pictures where you may discover product images. And if you don’t want to start from scratch, you can even utilise Shopify to purchase an existing online shop that is already up and running.

Shopify provides a 14-day free trial during which you may get started without entering your credit card information. You do not even need to choose a plan; just register and begin constructing a shop.

It is possible to interact with customers online, monitor orders, and issue invoices using the Shopify platform. The Lite package also includes a point-of-sale application that allows you to take payments in person.


Most people are familiar with Wix as a free website builder, but it also provides e-commerce options for new businesses. Start from only $17 a month, and if you pay annually, you’ll get a free domain name and $300 in advertising coupons as a welcome bonus.

There are many pricing options available on Wix, with the most costly being $25 per month and including the following features:

  • Support over the phone
  • Priority service is provided.
  • Support via a ticket system
  • An examination of your website’s interface and search engine optimization

Wix, like the majority of e-commerce platforms, enables you to sell both physical and digital goods. However, it also has features that will be of interest to a broad range of companies.

If you own a restaurant, you may accept online takeout or delivery orders, as well as accept bookings and send email reminders to your customers and clients. As a result, the platform is not limited to online retailers.


Each e-commerce platform on our list is very mobile-friendly, but Squarespace ensures that the user’s experience on a mobile device is of the highest quality. Each template design offers a different optimization mobile expertise that corresponds to the shop’s overall aesthetic. This feature is automatically included but may be deactivated in the Website Manager.

Images may frequently take longer to load, but Squarespace utilizes a “responsive image loader” to create many uploaded photo-scaled versions. The site can identify the device type and load the corresponding picture for optimum viewing. It even works with Retina Displays for Apple devices.

And imagery doesn’t stop the response. The overall design, charts, and visuals of the site are all suited for mobile devices. Even emails are optimized, so smartphone and tablet marketing efforts can be read correctly.


Magento is the most advanced e-commerce platform for established businesses ready for online sales. A look at the business website will show you that Magento is used by some of the world’s largest companies. The program may be downloaded free of charge, but it takes a developer to create something unique. Magento offers contacts with many partners to help you establish an online shop with your physical and mortar place effortlessly.

Magento is highly picky of developers to add capabilities to its open-source platform. The business offers corporate solutions that enable you to create a seamless omnichannel strategy.

Your consumers may arrange and pick up purchases online in your shop, and stock management occurs in real-time. Your online shop has a complementary subject, and the rest is from $29 to $500. You may also install extensions to assist you in exploring the following areas of your company:

  • Accounting
  • Management of content
  • Support for customers
  • Marketing


WooCommerce is a WordPress-built e-commerce system. Since it interacts with a popular content management system, your e-commerce company may be easily converted into your content. Like adding plug-ins to your WordPress blog, WooCommerce offers plug-ins for your eCommerce website. The open-source platform includes over 300 approved payment, shipping, marketing, and accounting extensions in its warehouse.

Since the site is WordPress-based, these extensions are as simple as clicking a box. However, there are extra charges for some payment or delivery options. Storefront is the free theme of WooCommerce and has many variants to suit your specific business. But like WordPress, Storefront can be customized, and the only thing you restrict is your code capabilities.


BigCommerce does what it says on the tin. This should be your eCommerce Platform if you are an ambitious, growing company with the most extended capabilities of any platform we have examined and many languages and currencies supported.

Our study has highlighted multi-channel retailing, enabling you to manage all your listings from one place. BigCommerce supports Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ‘in-house.’ Blogs, social media posters, and marketing emails may be filled with a ‘purchase’ button.

 Amazon and eBay are accessible only if the default currency of your shop is set to dollars. It should be noted that BigCommerce offers a 3-month free trial for any Standard, Plus, or Pro Plan for a limited period.BigCommerce shops increase by 28 percent year over year, compared with an average of 14 percent for those with other top suppliers, according to data by Ipsos.

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There is no ideal e-commerce platform, just the one that works best for your company. As you evaluate your choices, costs, scalability, and mobile responsiveness are complementary most essential things you want.

Make sure you take advantage of the free trials and first try the different features. This information helps you to assess your choices and select the most suitable e-commerce business for you.

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