Towing & Roadside Assistance App Development

Introducing Towing & Roadside Assistance App Development! Our solution offers an easy and convenient way to get assistance when you need it the most. With our app, drivers can access a variety of services such as roadside assistance, car towing, flat tire repair, jumpstarts, and lockout service. Plus, our technology is designed for reliability – we use GPS location tracking for quick response time and help shorten wait times.

On Demand Roadside Assistance App

SynergyWorks is one of the leading Towing & Roadside Assistance App Development companies, focusing on developing apps that will bring a revenue stream to your business. We can design a mobile app for towing vehicles that can provide roadside assistance to stranded drivers on the side of the road. The towing truck service providers and your customers will benefit from the latest technology in your app.

With advanced features, we provide you with the best towing app. Our company, SynergyWorks, provides an app solution similar to Uber road assistant. To make it as easy for our customers to broadcast their distress to us as quickly as possible, we are developing features that will assist them in doing so.

With the help of our on-demand Roadside Assistance App Development services, you can start working towards building a profitable towing company. Using an app that we can build for you, we can enable people to instantly contact our roadside assistance service and seek help from us with the touch of a button. You can download the best roadside assistance application for Android and iOS devices.

How Towing & Roadside Assistance App Works

Login to your account and get a tow truck booked and serviced smartly and innovatively.


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Logging in or signing up can be done by providing information or via social media sites such as Facebook or Google.

Search Provider

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There is also the option for a user to search for the nearest towing service; they can view the details of the towing profile, including the name, distance from their location, pricing, and service ratings.

Order now

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A user can choose the towing service based on their needs and requirements by checking the profile of the towing provider and its pricing and then requesting the service online.

Provider Offer Service

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The provider is responsible for providing the service after accepting the user’s request and arriving at the user’s location.

Payments made securely

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After the service is completed, the user can choose cash, card, or in-app wallet to pay.

Rating & Review

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Upon completion of the payment, the user and the provider can leave reviews and ratings based on their experiences with each other.

What Do You Get With Our Towing App?

With SynergyWorks, you can take advantage of the following trinity of mobile applications, each of which seamlessly integrates into the other and works perfectly as a single package.

When the user books a towing service, the user can locate the towing service provider who will perform the towing service within the app.

Upon completion of the service, the user generates an invoice containing information concerning the type of services performed and the amount charged.

The user can set up their profile information such as their name, email, contact number, profile picture, and so on.

Besides multi-payment options, users can also make easy transactions within the app using a card and a wallet that can be accessed through the app.

Whenever a user encounters an issue with the service, they can easily interact with the provider of that service.

To give a review and rating to a towing service provider, a user needs to complete the tow truck service and evaluate the quality of the service they have received.

Drivers of tow trucks can accept or reject bookings through their intuitive interfaces. Towing services may be provided in any way that they desire.

Truck owners will receive charges from drivers’ digital wallets as vehicle charges in their digital wallets. They also have access to a wide range of banking services, including online banking, cards, and ready access to cash.

Upon completion of the task, the truck driver is paid separately for the travel expenses based on the cost of the task itself. The owner of a towing truck can also see the history of payments through this option.

Signing in with a mobile number or email address allows customers to access the mobile application’s towing features. Various towing vehicles can be selected, payment methods can be used, estimation time can be monitored, and so on.

Upon completing the task, the customer can provide feedback based on their experiences. The location-specific information can be helpful to other customers.

Customers can get status updates and estimated arrival times from the driver if there is a delay in the mobile application’s response.

Why invest in on-demand roadside assistance apps?

People had only the chance to obtain the help of vehicle servicing shops during the early days, just before smartphone applications, forgetting what they needed to be done with their vehicles.

Besides the time and effort it took for the process to advance, it also required a lot of patience. There was a time when the case was similar to that, but that is no longer the case. Tap some simple buttons in the mobile apps themselves, and you will be able to get started with the repairs instantly without having to face any hassles. There is an area in the towing industry where Uber-like towing apps have great potential and are taking on a strong presence.


SynergyWorks Is Your Towing App Development Partner of Choice

Programming expertise is required to develop an on-demand towing app. During the development process, the most recent software and tools must be used, as the platform must be compatible with any operating system you choose. SynergyWorks is one of the leading Software development companies in the world that offer a fully functional on-demand towing app that is scalable and highly responsive since there is a lengthy process involved in creating an app of this kind. In terms of functionality, it is a script with all the essential features and can be easily modified according to the client’s needs and requirements.

Even though you can find many on-demand developers online, you will need help finding one with credibility and a reputed company to develop your project because this will be the online asset that your business will rely on. Therefore, selecting the right company for mobile app development is essential to your success.


  1. Highly secured development
  2. Years of expertise
  3. Exceptional service
  4. Take care of confidentiality


To provide accurate pickup and pre-pickup positions for drivers, we use Google Latitude-Longitude addresses to locate drivers. In our script, a location is tracked through the location address on Google Maps, which is the Live Lat-Long coordinates.

The right roadside assistance app can be developed by the right company if you do your research and read the client testimonials provided by the company. There are several ways to verify whether an organization deals with custom application development or on-demand apps. You can hire SynergyWorks dedicated services to get supremely quality Roadside Assistance App Development services at an affordable price.

You will receive full ownership of the source code of the license base.

Our On-Demand service model can be fully customized within our application to meet the specific needs of your business. As per the business’s requirements, we can also design and customize the backend.

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