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The state of Maryland is located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The Chesapeake Bay to its east and areas near Washington DC to its west provide economic, educational, and cultural opportunities that are not found elsewhere in the country. Maryland is part of the North Eastern United States, close to Washington D.C. Maryland has a very strong military presence, as it’s home to bases for both Marines and Air Force The state is one of the traditional “middle children”, stuck between Virginia and North Carolina to its south and Pennsylvania and West Virginia to its north. With many different rivers coming up from Virginia crisscrossing the state, it provides lots of opportunity for fishing–bass fishing or fly fishing–as well as other water sports like kayaking or canoeing depending on which section you’re near.

Benefits of Having Telemedicine App in Maryland

One of the benefits of telemedicine is that it allows for communication between a patient and a doctor from an office, hospital, or home anywhere anytime.

Telemedicine usually saves money by reducing emergency room visits and hospitalization rates, helping to reduce crowding in hospitals.

Telemedicine has the potential to create safer, more accessible treatment options for millions of people across the world who would otherwise not have an opportunity for proper care.


Online Healthcare Solutions with advanced Tech-Suite

We provide products for your idea. Also, we craft your existing product to gain more customers.

Doctor's App

Providing an online scheduling platform for doctors' appointments with highly advanced features under HIPAA Compliance.

Patient's App

Bridging the gap between patients and healthcare specialists online, reducing the patient journey to reach their healthcare specialists

Admin's Panel

Taking your Business to Professionally Intelligent, Technically Innovative, and Beautifully Designed Websites.

Information Management Softwares For Healthcare Laboratories

Managing your multiple laboratories workflow in a single platform. User-friendly, with 24/7 backend support.

On-Demand Telemedicine Software Development

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical diagnosis and treatment services. Such services can be utilized locally (via the Internet) or remotely (via either the Internet, mobile phone network, television network, radio waves, electromagnetic waves such as light). Telemedicine provides consultations with physicians from a distance.

On-demand telemedicine software development helps ensure effective record keeping for physician interactions with their patients. For instance, some telemedicine programs may allow remote fasting blood sugar testing by using an application on a smartphone or tablet – then upload the results directly into electronic medical records for analysis if needed by a physician.


Different solutions we provide

Talking about the different types of product which we have in the healthcare industry
and how we facilitate the digital transformation

Online Healthcare Solutions With Advanced Tech-Suite

Doctor's App

Managing Doctor Profile

The doctor gets registered within the list of primary healthcare service categories and provides the required & relevant information.

Maintaining Appointments

Start managing the upcoming patient’s appointment requests and schedule them as per the availability by auto-updating the calendar. Doctors can set the appointment price.

Quick Action

Accept or Deny the mode of appointment request without any delay. An alert will be sent to the patient’s request.

Document Sharing

Upload a prescription over the app after consulting the patient online or offline with remarks and follow up for the patient.

Admin's Panel

Taking your Business to Professionally Intelligent, Technically Innovative, and Beautifully Designed Websites.

Powerful Management Dashboard

To manage and keep a track of your healthcare business with auto-updates of all doctors' calendars from a single dashboard panel.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting Option

To manage and keep a track of your healthcare business with auto-updates of all doctors’ calendars from a single dashboard panel.

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Custom Telehealth App Development Services

Enter the required details and sign up for the Application such as name, age, contact information.

The patient will search for healthcare speciality through the list of doctors by name or speciality. Can select Option for search via location.

Patients will choose doctors from the list of available doctors and book an appointment. Patients can select through the time slot option.

Choose among modes of online consultation call, chat, or Live video call consultation option followed by consultation charges if any.

Choose among modes of online consultation call, chat, or Live video call consultation option followed by consultation charges if any.

Why Do You Need A Telemedicine Platform in Maryland?

Telemedicine is the use of medical data and information to provide clinical care for patients who are geographically dispersed from their healthcare providers. Telemedicine has expanded access to health care services, increased collaboration between specialists and enhanced patient safety. It can be delivered via a live video feed or through interactive applications like email, chat or text message.

It allows physicians to consult with specialists without leaving their office; it provides remote consultations that save time and money; it offers on-demand access to specialist expertise when needed most, and it facilitates prevention by enabling clinicians to follow up remotely with high-risk populations such as people living in rural areas.

Why Choose Us For Your Telemedicine Software Development In Maryland?​

SynergyWorks Solution is a software development company in Maryland is that develops telemedicine software for use by medical professionals. They specialize in developing solutions to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, and physician practices. Healthcare providers can access these products via their own server or through a cloud-based service provider. We have experience of more than 5 years and we will be continuing to provide innovative services that help improve patient care while also reducing costs for healthcare providers.


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